Healthcare for All Virginians!

June 13, 2014


“The General Assembly’s failure to close the health care coverage gap leaves thousands of our fellow citizens suffering and some dying prematurely because they don’t have access to the health care they desperately need. And Virginia continues to forfeit hundreds of millions of our tax dollars that could help people, support businesses, and bolster Virginia’s economy.

“Over the past year, all of the Medicaid reforms demanded by the 2013 legislature have been satisfied through an enormous amount of work. Now the 2014 legislature has ignored these accomplishments and moved the goal posts to delay expansion even longer. This is a major step backwards that will cost Virginia more money and more lives.”

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The Healthcare for All Virginians coalition represents 104 organizations that work with and represent thousands of Virginians. The coalition includes consumer groups, doctors, nurses, hospitals, religious groups, and local governments from all around Virginia committed to the principle that all Virginians should have access to affordable quality health care.

Virginia has an opportunity to take a large step toward this goal by expanding Medicaid. Medicaid expansion could provide coverage to nearly 400,000 uninsured Virginians, create as many as 30,000 jobs, and save the state money. We hope that you will join our campaign to encourage Virginia to expand Medicaid and provide access to the affordable quality health care that so many Virginians need.

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