King v Burwell

In a 6-3 decision, the US Supreme Court affirmed today that the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies are available to consumers in all states. This is great news!

The ruling confirms what we have known all along – the law was designed to provide a tax credit to any American who qualifies, regardless of the type of Marketplace they use. As organizations that work to build consumer participation in our health system, we are relieved that Virginians won’t have to worry about losing access to necessary medical care. ACA opponents must now stop tying up valuable time and resources fighting against affordable health care for working families.

The Supreme Court’s decision is good news for the 286,000 Virginians who receive financial help to purchase their health insurance through However, we must not forget the 400,000 people in our state who still lack access to quality, affordable health insurance. Virginia lawmakers should recognize that health reform is working and take advantage of the opportunities that health reform offers to improve and save lives. It’s time for them to take action to close the coverage gap!