Medicaid Expansion

  •  How Medicaid Works: Chartbook 2016 (updated) Medicaid has a lot of moving parts, and the option to expand it under the Affordable Care Act can seem confusing at times. In this revised chartbook, originally published in January 2013, we join with The Commonwealth Institute to take stock of the latest data and analysis around budgetary savings, coverage improvements, and other key factors to explain how Medicaid currently works in Virginia, and the opportunity we have to improve it.
  • Closing the Coverage Gap One-Page Fact Sheet This fact sheet summarizes the need to close the coverage gap in Virginia. Medicaid expansion could help 400,000 uninsured Virginians, save money and lives, boost Virginia’s economy, and close the gaping coverage gap that is hurting nearly 200,000 Virginians.
  • Closing the Coverage Gap – Myths and Facts This provides a list of facts and explanations that debunk common myths about Medicaid expansion. This can be useful in responding to opponents of closing the coverage gap.