Medicaid Expansion Resources

Supporters of the Healthcare for All Virginians Coalition: The Healthcare for All Virginians coalition is made up of more than 110 organizations across the commonwealth that believe that all Virginians should have access to affordable and quality health coverage.

How Medicaid Works Chartbook: Medicaid has a lot of moving parts, and the option to expand it under the Affordable Care Act can seem confusing at times. In this revised chartbook, originally published in January 2013, we join with The Commonwealth Institute to take stock of the latest data and analysis around budgetary savings, coverage improvements, and other key factors to explain how Medicaid currently works in Virginia, and the opportunity we have to improve it.

Closing the Coverage Gap: Every Legislator, Every District: Hundreds, and even thousands, of residents in every legislator’s district stand to gain health coverage. But only if Virginia lawmakers close the coverage gap. During the 2018 legislative session, Virginia lawmakers have a key opportunity to close this gap and to promote the wellbeing of their constituents and the Commonwealth of Virginia as a whole

Close the Coverage Gap Fact Sheet: On February 22nd the House of Delegates adopted the Appropriations Committee budget that includes affordable health insurance for nearly 400,000 hardworking Virginians. In stark contrast, the Senate approved the Finance Committee budget that does not include expansion and actually removes over $400 million in state savings which had been part of the introduced budget.

Myths and Facts One Pager: This provides a list of facts and explanations that debunk common myths about Medicaid expansion. This can be useful in responding to opponents of closing the coverage gap.

Support Medicaid Expansion Without Work Requirements: Several states are proposing to tie Medicaid eligibility to employment for many adults.  But cutting off Medicaid coverage for people who can’t work or find a job won’t improve their health or help them find or hold a job. Virginia should learn from the experiences of other states, and not move forward with any changes that would require work requirements for Medicaid eligibility.

Why Virginia Should Expand Medicaid using a State Plan Amendment: A State Plan Amendment (SPA) leaves state flexibility for a unique Virginia program and can be implemented quickly. A SPA can provide a quick path forward for our state to provide needed coverage for Virginia families.

Write a Letter-to-the-EditorBy not closing the gap, every month Virginia loses an average of $142 million in federal funding. Since 2014, the Commonwealth has forfeited over $10 billion in federal funds, which could have been used to help uninsured adults, hospitals, and businesses. Most states have expanded their Medicaid programs. While Virginians suffer without coverage, 31 states and the District of Columbia are providing health insurance to uninsured adults. Those states are seeing significant health and financial benefits. We want to share these messages throughout the commonwealth – and we need your help.

Example Letters-to-the-EditorThese letters to the editor and op-eds capture the myriad reasons Virginia must close the coverage without further delay.