Tell your Virginia state legislators: Expand Medicaid now

Lawmakers have returned to a new Richmond.

“As your speaker, I make you this promise: I will strive to always remind us that we are a governing body, not a political one.” — Kirk Cox, Republican Speaker of the House

“We all recognize the extraordinary changes that voters made to this assembly in November. They expect us to deliver on the mandate they sent.” — Gov. Ralph Northam

But will that mandate and the sense of higher purpose extend to bringing health care to hundreds of thousands of Virginians who have been in the waiting room four long years praying for lawmakers to expand Medicaid?

Virginia must delay no longer. Lawmakers have the opportunity right now to help their constituents, their neighbors, who lack health insurance and who are in every district across the state. The cost of doing so will be paid by the federal government and will save Virginia over $400 million dollars in the budget that is in front of lawmakers RIGHT NOW.

Please write your lawmaker today – and then follow up with a phone call. Ask them to please think of their constituents and to follow the words of their leaders that together we can get things done for the greater good of the Commonwealth. Ask them to expand healthcare coverage. The time is now!