Tell your Va. state lawmakers: Expand Medicaid Now

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The fact remains that our most pressing business will remain unfinished until the General Assembly passes a budget that reflects the priorities of the people who sent us to Richmond…I urge the Senate of Virginia to build on the bipartisan record we built this session and protect our commonwealth’s AAA bond-rating by passing a budget that expands Medicaid as quickly as possible” — Gov. Ralph Northam

Once again, the House has included Medicaid expansion in their budget proposal, along with its savings and additional investment in areas such as K-12 education.The Senate has not yet produced a proposal. The majority of Senators support some form of Medicaid expansion, but the process is being dragged out and Virginians are suffering.

The Senate must do their job. They must hear from you. And they must be held accountable to truly represent their constituents and do what is best for the commonwealth — expanding Medicaid, providing people with the opportunity to protect their health and gain a degree of economic security that comes from being able to afford quality health care.

Click here to write your lawmakers today! The time is now! This platform allows you to write one letter to your delegate thanking them for including Medicaid expansion in their budget, then send a letter to your senator to urge them to include it in theirs. Inputting your address will match you with the correct lawmakers.